Our Campuses

The Japanese School, Singapore (Primary, Clementi Campus)

95 Clementi Road Singapore 129782

No. of Classroom Floor Area of each Classroom Capacity of each Classroom
6 classrooms 67.5m² 40
23 classrooms 64.8m² 40
13 English classrooms 33.75m² 15
1 Cooking room 90m² 40
2 Music Studios 90m² 40
2 Music Studios 106.85m² 40
2 Science Labs 90m² 40
1 Science Lab 115m² 40
1 Science Preparation Room 67.50m² 5
1 Computer Lab 90m² 40
1 Broadcasting room 33.75m² 5
1 Art Studio 115m² 40
1 Sewing room 131.50m² 40
1 Drum practice room 89.64m² 30


1 Teacher Room
1 Principal Room
1 School Museum
1 Sickbay
1 Swimming pool
2 Playgrounds
1 Field
1 Judo Training Hall
1 Admin Office
1 Gymnasium
1 Library
2 Reading Rooms
1 Gallery
1 Dojo Exercise Hall
1 Music Preparation Room

The Japanese School, Singapore (Primary, Changi Campus)

11 Upper Changi Road North Singapore 507657

No. of Classroom Floor Area of each Classroom Capacity of each Classroom
34 classrooms 70.56m² 40
12 English classrooms 35.28m² 20
1 Art studio 141.12m² 40
1 Art studio 105.84m² 40
2 Art rooms 92.40m²
2 A.V.Rooms 105.84m² 88
5 Music Studios (4)105.84m²
2 Science Labs 105.84m² 50
1 Sewing Room 105.84m² 40
1 Cooking Room 105.84m² 40
2 Social Science Rooms 105.84m² 88
1 English Activity Room 70.56m² 40
5 Multi-Purpose Rooms 35.28m² 10


1 Teacher Room
1 Principal Room
1 Administration Office
1 Sickbay
2 Swimming Pools
1 Gymnasium
1 Kendo Training Hall
1 Judo Training Hall
1 Playground
1 Field
1 Tatami Room

The Japanese School, Singapore (Secondary, West Coast Campus)

201 West Coast Road Singapore 127383

1 Cooking Room139m²401 Art Room161m²401 Broadcasting Room72.50m²61 Social Study Room75m²401 Music Room105m²401 Music Room130m²40

No. of Classroom Floor Area Capacity of each Classroom
1 classroom 37.5m² 20
1 classroom 45m² 20
16 classrooms 75m² 40
2 English classroom 30m² 20
1 English classroom 75m² 40
1 Computer Lab 115.5m² 40
2 Science Rooms 125m² 40
1 Science Room 45m² 40
1 Technical Room 181m² 40
1 Cooking Room 139m² 40
1 Art Room 161m² 40
1 Broadcasting Room 72.50m² 6
1 Social Study Room 75m² 40
1 English Hub 106m² 40
1 Art Studio 139m² 40
1 Music Room 105m² 40
1 Music Room 130m²



1 Teacher Room
1 Principal Room
1 Administration Office
1 Sickbay
1 Tennis Court
1 Field
1 Gymnasium
1 Dojo Exercise Hall
1 Judo Training Hall
1 Sewing Room
1 Library

Student Teacher Ratio

2275: 153

Level 11:281:25
Level 21:26
Level 31:291:31
Level 41:341:29
Level 51:281:29
Level 61:261:28
Music Immersion1:191:17
Swimming Immersion1:351:34
English Immersion1:111:11

Level 11:30
Level 21:26
Level 31:33
Physical Education1:17
English Immersion1:10

Clementi Campus

One of the two Japanese Primary Schools is located at 95 Clementi Road, directly opposite the National University of Singapore (NUS).


The building includes a sports field, a swimming pool, two play grounds, and a pet corner, in 20,825 m2. The building houses an auditorium and a gymnasium. There are two libraries, a laboratory, an audiovisual studio, a computer lab as well as rooms for specialized studies, such as music, arts and crafts, home economics, and rooms for music immersion. Heritage rooms are also provided to display the precious books, photos, and other historical items.
The Clementi Campus has been functioning as the Head Quarters since the Primary School was split up in 1998.


Changi Campus

Due to the growth of the student population and in view of future expansion, the School, with support from the Singapore authorities, successfully started a second Japanese Primary school with a campus at Changi.


The site includes a sports field, swimming pools, tennis court and play areas, covering approximately 44,100 square metres. There is a large multi-purpose hall, a gymnasium, an auditorium, and a display room for international programmes as well as rooms for specialised studies, such as music, arts and crafts, home economics and English conversation.

The architectural design accommodates the needs of children, where they will have easier access to activity areas, rain or shine. The design of the building also resembles a traditional Japanese house with modern architecture.

West Coast Campus

The Japanese Secondary School occupies the West Coast Campus at 201, West Coast Road, at the junction of Jalan Buroh and West Coast highway.


The site includes a sports field, a swimming pool, a tennis court and a playground, and covers 17.015 square metres. It also has a large gymnasium/auditorium, a library, computer laboratories, audio-visual rooms, a language laboratory, and a science laboratory as well as rooms for other specialised studies such as music and arts, arts/crafts.

The Japanese Secondary School provides a 3 year curriculum which prepares students for the next 3 years of their education in their respective high schools. According to the Japanese Education Law, 9 years of schooling is compulsory, which includes 6 years of Primary and 3 years of Secondary education.

Freshmen students come mainly from the Japanese Primary School in Singapore, except some who come directly from Japan.

Since 1995, the Secondary School has adopted an English immersion programme to improve the students’ proficiency in English. Subjects such as Physical Education, Arts and Home Economics are taught in English by the English speaking subject specialists.





















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