Admission Guideline

[Admission eligibility]

Applicant must be of the specific age group designated by the educational laws and regulations of Japan.

Applicant must be residing in Singapore.

Parent must be a member of Japanese Association of Singapore.

In general, enrollment of Singapore citizen is not permitted. This does not apply if approval of the Singapore government is obtained.

[ Condition ]

Company donation is required if parent is working in Japanese company.
(Donation is not necessary if company donation had been made previously). Personal donation is required for parent who is working in foreign-owned enterprise or self-employed.


School Prospectus can be obtained at school general office which provides more details and information than homepage. (Please take note that we do not provide mailing service for the handbook)

[ School visit]

School operates on weekdays from 9am to 4pm.
For campus viewing, admission matters and any other enquiries, please feel free to visit the school general office.
(Please take note that the front desk service is only available from 9am to 4pm. Thank you for your kind understanding.)

[Application Form]

Download–>application form 1, application form 2



School Fee for 2024

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Singapore Japanese School is a private school registered under the Committee for Private Education , the operating cost of overseas educational facility is borne by beneficiary. In addition to the entrance fees and tuition fees, we solicit a donation based on the following “regulations of admission donation” at the time of student’s matriculation.

As an admission requirement, Corporate or Organizations where the parent belong must make payment to the School in accordance to the stipulated “Corporate Donation.”

1. Corporate Donation

If the parents are working in Japanese Company, a corporate donation is required.The amount of company donation required depends on the number of Japanese expatriate from Japan or other countries.
In the case where corporate donations have already been made, no further donation is required.

Please see the donation amount →  donation amount

Company donation is required under the following circumstances:
1) Companies that registered in Singapore while capital and/or management originate from Japan.
2) Joint ventures of Singapore and Japan are considered as Japanese companies.

2. Personal Donation

If the parents are working in funded enterprises, a personal donation will be required instead. The amount of personal donation is $3,000(Excluding GST) per family.

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