About Singapore Japanese Secondary School (SJSS)

The Singapore Japanese Secondary School is a school for Japanese students who would like to have the same education as in Japan. Our curriculum is based on the Japanese Ministry of Education’s core curriculum. Our teachers from Japan have Japanese teaching certification. Students receive the same level of education as if they were in Japan.
Our school mission is “To help Japanese students develop a strong, rich and sharp mind with an international perspective, and be able to communicate globally with a high level of competence.”
Our school slogan is “To be kind to others; to be strong for oneself.”

Subjects and lesson period (1week)

Student council activities

Student council leaders and each committee members are selected by election every year. Two students from each class join different committees. They manage student council activities proactively.

Student council executive, Class leaders, Disciplinary, Environment, International, Broadcasting, Library, P.E., Health, Yashi (Yearbook), Election

Club Activities

Our school has club activity time after school 2 or 3 times a week.
Many students belong to either sports or cultural club. Their activities are full of energy across all year levels.

Soccer, Baseball, Basketball (Boys, Girls), Tennis, Volleyball, Track and Field, Badminton, Dance, Table Tennis, Brass band, Light Music, Art

Our School event

1. Sports Day
All classes are separated into 4 color groups. These groups compete in several events to get the first prize. Sec3 students are the leaders of each group. Events are not only individual sports but also cheering competition and jumping long rope. The aim is to strengthen teamwork in each class. Student leaders think of how to improve their team spirit. All students could learn the importance of helping each other and overcoming challenges.

2. Chorus Competition
Each class chooses a song and practice it for 2 months. On the chorus competition, all members sing the song together with a conductor and pianist from their own class. Leader of each class manage the activities for reflection of practice and improving the quality of their chorus. Conflict of opinion sometimes happens. So they need to manage to solve the problems. The aim of chorus competition is to learn how to express themselves and collaborate at the same time.

Our English and international understanding Education

1. Immersion lesson
Immersion is a teaching method that a subject is taught in the second language. Students can improve the second language skill by being immersed in the environment that teacher and students use the second language naturally. SJSS started the English immersion program in 1996 and continues it with 4 subjects(Arts, Music, Physical Education and Home Economics) until now. Japanese teacher who has a teaching licence issued by Japan ministry of education helps English immersion teacher to make lesson plans following Japanese core curriculum. English immersion teacher conducts lessons mainly in English. Students can learn not only contents of subjects but also English language skill and understanding for other cultures.

2. Graduation Research Project
Sec 3 students do the graduation research project in Integrated Studies. Each student decides their own theme of research which relates to Japan and Singapore. They collect many data and make their opinions about the issue they found out. To use books and internets is not the way how they do research but also observe the site or ask interviewing.

3.Japanese cemetery park Cleaning
There is a Japanese cemetery park for Japanese deceased in Singapore. All student go there for cleaning every year. Students learn about the relationship between Japan and Singapore before they do volunteering.

4. Service Learning
Students who are learning Japanese in Raffles Girls School have special Chinese language lessons at our school. Our students can communicate with them in Japanese and Chinese and get the good motivation to study languages by talking with them.